About Our Pops

Give a Wish on a Stick! Here to inspire fun adults, Pandora's Pops™ are delicious magic lollipops with dynamic herbs, essential oils and superfoods. Our organic aphrodisiac lollipops have been most popular, shared at fun events and weddings since 2012. The Rose & Honey Connection lollipop is our crowd-pleasing wedding favor, and the Oral Odyssey is most popular at adult events, with hints of pineapple, coconut, damiana and a divine feminine twist.  Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding appreciate our Rally the Rosebuds pop. Beyond aphrodisiacs, we now offer Terpene Lollipops, with some of cannabis’ health benefits, without the mind-altering effects. Our other new candies are the matcha mint Million Dollar Smile and the turmeric and coconut The Alchemist, both sugar free, naturally sweetened with plant fiber crystals that are good for your teeth.  All our candies are organic, vegan & free of corn syrup, artificial flavorings & colorings, gluten & GMOs. They delight your tongue with fresh, carefully-sourced ingredients. Handcrafted by holistic health artisans in California.

Our unique 3D printed designs were featured by Shapeways in August 2016: Jena Chambers Creates the Perfect 3D Printed Pops.  
The digital design, for our Taste the Rainbow aphrodisiac lollipops, was actualized by Lana Briscella of Aminimal Studio

We have been selected for inclusion in various gift subscription boxes.

 Here we are, with our Hot Yoga pop in BuddhiBox, a yoga lifestyle subscription box with ethically-sourced and cruelty-free products.

We are having fun collaborating with Unbound.  One example is the Sex Robot candy for their Sex Machina box, an artful twist on breasts as nuts and bolts. 

We partnered with London's Sourced Market to launch 5 British-themed flavors in 2015.

 Our pops made the London Metro's Hot List and were sold out in a few days.