Ooh La Lalipops! Candymaking Experience

Ooh La Lalipops candymaking experience: theater, education and fun

Ooh La Lalipops candymaking theater spa experience

Spa lollipops go from fantasy to reality in this playful experience, inspiring imagination, interaction and stress relief. Jena Chambers, spirited confectioner extraordinaire, shares how to make lavender and chamomile-based hard candy while telling uplifting stories. If you've ever wanted to be inside a magical candy kitchen, this will feed and further ignite your curiosity.
Illustration above by KJ Boheme

Fifi La Mew pouring candy ooh la lalipops candymaking theater NYC

Beyond a cooking class, this is an interactive experience, peppered with stress-relieving activities and welcoming spontaneous questions. While Jena reveals the art and science of healthy confections, you sip an herbal tea or lavender cocktail while enjoying a warm herbal foot bath. You'll also taste a few savory and sweet snacks featuring the flavors entering the candy pot. After sharing the adventure of pouring hot candy, your hard-working hands will enjoy a soothing sugar scrub. This is a restorative break from the fast pace of NYC, with friends, co-workers or family. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, with new ideas for self-care, as well as a calming lollipop to savor.

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Your host, Jena Chambers, is the founder of Pandora's Pops and Academy of Treats (two artisanal candy brands). She has over 20 years professional experience in holistic health and the mind-body connection.  Jena is a former massage school director, Duke University graduate, and Manhattan resident since 2008. She is sharing the tradition of her magical great-grandfather, who ran a confectionery school in NYC introducing European methods. Candy is her medium for igniting joy.
Ooh La Lalipops candymaking spa theater experience
Ooh La Lalipops! is available as entertainment for private events and independent venues, currently in NYC.  It's perfect as an ice-breaker or cocktail hour, kickstarting your evening.  Easy registration and reviews for the Aphrodisiac Experience are here, and for our Candymaking Spa Experience here.  Email info@pandoraspops.com for more information and booking. 
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Charming and clever, wacky and wonderful, amusing with an adorable absurdist twist. The event was very entertaining and informative with numerous delicious tastings blended into the narrative of the evening. The hostess "Fifi' greets you at the door and the fun starts. I felt like I was invited to an exclusive quaint house party. Other guests had already arrived and were wearing cute berets and scarfs provided by Fifi. So much laughter with new friends. Theater meets candy making equals a great night out.
Christopher, NYC, August 2018
If you are looking for a very unique night full of wonder, this is it. Part theatre, part candy tour it is quaintly surprising and full of deliciously sweet delights. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with "Fifi." She creates a welcoming space with laughter and ease. Like a one woman off-off-off Broadway mini-candy-show. She comes from a candy-making lineage so you get to see some authentic history in that. Lovely to spend time with such a creative New Yorker and group of jovial people. You will not have another experience like it and your mouth will thank you!
KJ, NYC, August 2018
Sometimes, experiences are quickly filed in the ‘been there done that’ category and forgotten. On rare occasions, an impression is made that we coming back to for days afterward, as layers reveal themselves and provoking greater understanding along with new lines of thought. Ooh La Lalipops Candymaking Theater falls firmly in the latter. Without any inkling of what lay in store, we finished our East Village dinner and entered with an open mind, a hunger for sweets, a thirst for champagne and a desire to laugh, learn and live, primed for… well, anything. Entering Jena’s adorably decorated theater, we were warmly greeted by our alluring hostess and immediately given a glass of dry French champagne; so far so good. Ushered into comfy couches, we met our chatty co-audience: a graphic designer, a unique events planner, a video maker, a summer intern, an inventor, a social media entrepreneur, a Wall St analyst and a creator of a women’s workshop on aging - an eclectic, fun, open minded and clued-up group of ten. Jena became Fifi and we learned about, and tasted our way through, candymaking. History came alive as our senses were tantalized by sweet treats and scents. Fifi is highly entertaining, equal parts fascinating and hilarious, and as the show progressed and we all shared Fifi’s creating her magic, strangers transformed to friends. Such is the power of comedy, sweets and alcohol. We left there laughing, fully satiated and utterly satisfied. Highly recommended!
Phil, NYC, August 2018
A delightful and sensual journey!!!! This night was amazing! Let’s start there. You meet Jena and realize that she is one of those fabulous and very special New Yorkers - she is a ray of sunshine, she’s incredibly smart, and makes you feel completely at ease. Jena teaches you not only about candy-making, but about taste. Her delightful French-ness really draws you in and inspires a “je ne sais quoi”. This fabulous class/performance/completely unique New York experience will leave you feeling amazing. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
Emilee, NYC, August 2018
I took a chance on this unusual experience and feel very fortunate to be one of the first. I laughed and felt like I knew my fellow guests almost immediately. I want to come back with more friends and see how it changes with different groups. The hors d’oeuvres and champagne were delicious. It felt like stepping into a timeless candy kitchen and being part of the magic.
Ben, NYC August 2018
This is the ultimate decadent dessert experience! Don't order dessert after dinner - make it an experience and come here to be transported into a magical world of sweet delights. Accompanied by your colorful hostess and the warm inviting atmosphere she creates for this journey, you will savor every bite and really appreciate how good life can be. HIGHLY recommend...
Alison, NYC August 2018
Wow! What a silly, sweet, giddy good time. If you are looking for a unique experience this is it. The host is extraordinary and the laughs just don't stop. Bring your sweet tooth.
Stefan, NYC August 2018
The whole experience was highly entertaining, informative and rather titilating! Jena created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, entertaining us with French champagne and exceptionally tasty homemade treats. Seamlessly interwoven with the merriment that ensued was her consummate demonstration of candy making. For a novel fun night out with a twist, I highly recommend this experience!
Anne, NYC August 2018

We now have a luxurious floating world, to share the magic and adventure of our candy. With Fifi La Mew as your hostess, Treat Island entertains 3 guests at a time (rotating for events of any size). Currently available for pools and lakes in/near New York City.
Email info@pandoraspops.com for more information and booking.