EO Essential Oils Refill Bar aphrodisiac lollipopsWe are happy to accept wholesale orders from retail stores, events, gift subscription boxes and more.  See examples of stores currently carrying our products here.  Pandora's Pops retail for $5 apiece, sometimes more, depending on the venue or event. Wholesale prices are available upon request.  For orders 60 or more and with enough notice, we do free custom label tags for special events, referenced on the tag's top.

Rainbow Grocery San Francisco Easter candyShipping and delivery: We ship across the US and worldwide, and will quote for you depending on your location and desired quantity. Any customs & VAT taxes are the responsibility of the importer.  We deliver within Manhattan and San Francisco for free, for orders of 60 pops and more. 

Shelf life: since they are organic, shelf life is 9 months or more, especially when backstock is stored in a refrigerator.  


Shape = heart lollipop and Sweetener = organic cane sugar, except where noted below

Aphrodisiac Lollipops: Enhance Your Love Life (elevate romantic or sexual experiences).

  • Valentines 2018 Collection (our biggest holiday—order early, especially for custom tags):
    1. Rose & Honey Connection: Silk rose petals warmed with cardamom and vanilla
    2. Winkberry: Divine pineapple and coconut. Shape: Exotic tropical feminine fruit lollipop
    3. Forbidden Fruit: Pomegranate in Petals Ripe Blushing Eden
    4. 50 Shades of Earl Grey: Bergamot & Not-So-Vanilla Surrender
    5. Blackheart Rebel: Black Licorice Meets Hard Candy. Sweetener: GMO free xylitol (natural plant crystals)
  • Annual Aphrodisiac Flavors:
    1. Hot Yoga: Divine Pineapple and Coconut. (Same as Winkberry but shape = heart)
    2. Rally the Rosebuds: Sweet Rose Petals and Hips with Sultry Cardamom (safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding)
    3. Hot Professor: Tempting Apple & Fall Spice Blend
    4. Nurse Ginger: Exotic Soothing Ginger & Saffron TLC
    5. Gin & Tonic: Soothing, Stiff & Refreshing
    6. Eternal Orchid: Perennial Sensuality. Dragon Fruit and Black Cherry Power. Sweetener: GMO free xylitol

    Terpene Lollipops: infused with the medicinal & flavor benefits of cannabis’ terpenes. Legal everywhere. Not psychoactive. Flavors: Blackberry Kush, Grape Wreck, and Grapefruit OG. Terpene partner: ACME Elixirs. 

    Calming Pops: Stress Relief. Flavor = Soothing Lavender and Vanilla. Support stressful jobs or events, trauma, trouble sleeping

    Happy Genius Pops: Mental Clarity & Mood. Flavor = Pink Grapefruit and Mint. Support study, brainstorm, meeting, focus

    Smoke-Stop Pops: Freedom from Nicotine. Flavor = Lavender & Vanilla. Support quitting smoking cigarettes, facing cravings

    Million Dollar Smile: Healthy Teeth & Gums: Flavor: Matcha & mint. Shape: Jewel. Sweetener: GMO-free xylitol, which raises the mouth's pH to a more alkaline state, helping control cavity-causing bacteria.   

    The Alchemist: Inflammation and antioxidant support. Flavor: Turmeric and coconut with a dash of black pepper, for bioavailability. Shape: Jewel. Sweetener: GMO-free xylitol. 


    Please see our Shop for item info and contact info@pandoraspops.com to place an order.