Hot summer love is in full bloom! Rose and Honey aphrodisiac pops are on sale: ROSEANDHONEY
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EO Essential Oils Refill Bar aphrodisiac lollipopsWe are happy to accept wholesale orders.  Pandora's Pops retail for $5 apiece, sometimes more, depending on the venue or event. Wholesale prices are available upon request.  For orders 50 or more with $25 print fee and enough notice, we will do custom label tags for special events, referenced on the tag's top.

Rainbow Grocery San Francisco Easter candyShipping and delivery: We deliver within San Francisco, East Bay and Southern Marin for free, for orders of 60 pops and more.  We ship across the US and worldwide, which we will quote for you depending on your location and desired quantity.  Any customs & VAT taxes are the responsibility of the importer. 

Shelf life: since they are organic, shelf life is 9 months or more, especially when backstock is stored in a refrigerator.  


  1. Aphrodisiac Pops: Enhance Your Love Life. Shape = heart, except where noted below.  Best when: you desire an elevated romantic or sexual experience
         Organic cane sugar based:
    • Hot Yoga. Divine Pineapple and Coconut
    • La Vie en Rose. Popped Open with a Cardamom Flicker
    • 50 Shades of Earl Grey. Bergamot & Not-So-Vanilla Surrender
    • Hot Professor. Tempting Apple & Fall Spice Blend
    • Nurse Ginger. Exotic Soothing Ginger & Saffron TLC
    • Summer of Love. Fruits & Florals Ripe Blushing Eden
    • Gin & Tonic. Soothing, Stiff & Refreshing
         Sugar-free superfood versions (sweetened with all-natural GMO-free xylitol)
      • Winkberry Pop. Succulent Strawberry Tongue Treasure. 3D printed shape: strawberry with Georgia O’Keefe style core
      • Blackheart Rebel. Licorice Meets Hard Candy in Sweetness Protest. Shape: heart
      • Taste the Rainbow. Blueberry and Banana. 3D printed shape: tongue with rainbow
      • Magic Wand. Seismic Strawberry Satisfaction. Shape: heart or Magic Wand personal massager
      • Prince’s Magic Wand. Black and Blue-berry Pleasure Stick. Shape: heart or Magic Wand personal massager
      • Hot Desert Heart Opener. Cucumber & Mint magical cooling candy. 3D printed shape: heart or Burning Man map
    1. The Alchemist: Turmeric + Ginger + Sugarfree Sweetness = Goldalicious! Shape = heart or magic wand. Best when: you want a delicious health boost, dashed with black pepper & coconut oil for bioavailability
    2. Calming Pops: Stress Relief. Flavor = Soothing Lavender and Vanilla. Best when: you need extra stress support. Stressful jobs or events, trauma, trouble sleeping
    1. Happy Genius: Mental Clarity & Mood. Flavor = Pink Grapefruit, Mint & Chocolate. Best when: you need extra support with mental clarity or mood. Brainstorm, meeting, focus
    1. Rough Morning Pops: Nausea Relief. Flavor = Gentle Ginger Rocking into Stillness. Best when: you experience nausea. Hangovers, morning sickness, travel, other conditions
    1. Smoke-Stop Pops: Freedom from Nicotine. Flavor = Fresh Mint and Spiced Chocolate. Best when: you desire to quit smoking cigarettes. Facing cravings and temptation
    1. Silicon Valley Startup Pops. Stimulate Innovation. Flavor= Original Lemonade Stand. Best when: you are generating ideas. Investor pitches, midnight oil, IPOs

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