Calming Pops

Calming Pops

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These innovative and delicious organic lollipops support you during times of stress, nervous agitation, and trauma. Our hard candy pops include several herbs known to bring you a state of calm and relaxation. One of the primary herbs is chamomile, which relieves anxiety, soothes frazzled nerves, and supports a deep sleep. The other herbs infused in the pops help to further support your nervous system and capacity to be at ease. In addition to their herbal effects and delicious taste, Calming Pops give you a comforting, proactive and fun thing to focus on during difficult times, and they make a fun, healthy and elegant conversation piece in social settings where you may feel anxious. 

Flavor: The delicious essential oil flavor mix actually works with the herbs to increase the calming effect, with a soothing blend of lavender and vanilla. Lavender helps with tension and stress. It was also used in ancient times to tame lions and tigers! It is packed with the terpene linalool. Vanilla elevates feelings of joy and relaxation, confirmed by a study published in the Proceedings of ISOT/JASTS 2004.

Please note: our popular Terpene Lollipops (bringing the experience and some of the health positives of a cannabis-infused lollipop without the mind-altering effects) are available here

Reviews: "These are amazing!!!! I am so thankful that I found this product! These calming lollipops really help me and work wonders.. they help distract me, calm me, and taste amazing! Thank you so very much for creating this product…I feel it will be so helpful to so many people. I will continue to purchase these… Thank you! Thank you!!" ~Paleogiraffe, etsy customer, October 2015; "These pops are one of my favs! I have one right before bed and it calms my nerves so I can easily fall asleep. Love the flavor, amazing!" T. Carey, March 2015 "I really wish I had found out about this shop way earlier. I got this for myself because I get panic attacks. I don't know if it has anything to do with seasonal depression, but it mainly happens during the winter time. These calming pops are such a blessing to have. I used to take Xanax for panic attacks, which would just put me to sleep. I've also been on Klonopin, which made me feel like a zombie. And not to mention, those medications are very addicting. I highly recommend any of the pops in this shop as an alternative to taking prescription medication. I don't even have to eat the entire pop to calm down. About half of it works wonders. Thank you Jena, once again. You got yourself a lifetime customer :)" ~ptikobj, Etsy customer, March, 2015  

Suggested Use: Calming Pops are intended for when you need extra stress support. This could be during an emergency (they are a perfect addition to any first aid kit or glove box), in an event that makes you nervous, or for everyday use (up to 3 lollipops a day).  

Nutritional Info: We hand-make these pops with your health in mind. Organic, vegan, gluten free, no corn syrup, no artificial colors, nut free, no GMOs, no MSG, casein free, soy free, egg free and dairy free.  There are no side effects. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult with your physician before use. 

Ingredients: Fair trade organic cane sugar, water, organic cane syrup, organic chamomile, California poppy, passionflower and Valerian poppy, organic essential oils

Quantity: Available here in 1, 5, 12, 60 and 100 packs. For larger quantities, please email Wholesale for stores and event producers also available.