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Happy Genius Pops
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Happy Genius Pops

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These innovative and delicious organic herbal lollipops are an easy, fun aid when you need a boost in brainpower or mood. Our hard candy pops include 6 herbs known to increase your ability to focus, remember, and respond to life events positively. One of the herbs is rhodiola, which improves mood and energy while decreasing stress, bringing you to peak performance. The other herbs infused in the pops help to support healthy brain function, memory and concentration. In addition to their herbal effects and delicious taste, Happy Genius pops make a fun, healthy and elegant conversation piece in meetings and social settings, and give you a comforting and proactive tool to scoot you through difficult times.

Flavor: The delicious essential oil flavor mix actually works with the herbs to increase the Happy Genius effect! It’s a refreshing mix of pink grapefruit, chocolate and mint! Pink grapefruit is a mood-booster that clears and focuses the mind (great hangover relief by the way); chocolate increases feelings of well-being by increasing serotonin (mood-booster) and phenylethylamine (called the “love drug” because it has a similar brain effect to falling in love); and mint improves concentration and stimulates clear thinking.

Suggested Use: Happy Genius pops are best when you need extra support with mental clarity or mood. This could be during a brainstorming meeting, study session, bad mood, or for everyday use (up to 3 lollipops a day).

Nutritional Info: We hand-make these pops with your health in mind. Organic, vegan, gluten free, no corn syrup, no artificial colors, nut free, no GMOs, no MSG, casein free, soy free, egg free and dairy free. There are no side effects, but some may find this pop stimulating (due to the rhodiola). If it affects you in this way, have your pop earlier in the day to avoid affecting sleep. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult with your physician before use.

Ingredients: Fair trade organic cane sugar, water, organic cane syrup, organic rhodiola, gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, skullcap, sage and rosemary, organic essential oils

Quantity: Available here in 5, 12, 60 and 100 packs. For larger quantities, please email Wholesale for stores and event producers also available.

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