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Online Gift Card
Online Gift Card
Online Gift Card

Online Gift Card

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Unique Organic Candy Gifts! Let your beloved select the flavors of their choice.

Click this link to order the gift certificate amount of your choice, from $5 to $250, emailed to the lucky recipient immediately!

Current options:

1. Calming Pops: Stress Relief. Flavor = Soothing Chamomile, Lavender & Vanilla. Support stressful jobs or events, trauma, trouble sleeping

2. Aphrodisiac Candy: Enhance Your Love Life (elevate romantic or sexual experiences)
A. Found Love: 24K Gold with Pineapple and Coconut 
B. Rose & Honey Connection: Silk rose petals warmed with cardamom and vanilla
C. 50 Shades of Earl Grey: Bergamot & Not-So-Vanilla Surrender
D. Hot Professor: Tempting Apple & Fall Spice Blend
E. Forbidden Fruit: Pomegranate in Petals Ripe Blushing Eden
F. The Ethical Flirt: Cozy Cinnamon for Finding Fun in Tricky Times (#metoo)
G. Blackheart Rebel: Black Licorice Meets Hard Candy. Sweetener: GMO free xylitol (natural plant crystals)
H. Oral Odyssey: Pink Tropical Tongue Treasure. Shape: Exotic tropical feminine fruit lollipop
I. Winkberry: Succulent Strawberry Shape: Exotic tropical feminine fruit lollipop
J. Rally the Rosebuds: Sweet Rose Petals and Hips with Sultry Cardamom (safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding)
K. Nurse Ginger: Exotic Soothing Ginger & Saffron TLC
L. Gin & Tonic: Soothing, Stiff & Refreshing
M. Just the Pop: Sea Salted Butter Popcorn Movie Morsel. Shape: Penis (bachelorette party favorite)
N. Eternal Orchid: Perennial Sensuality. Dragon Fruit and Black Cherry Power. Sweetener: GMO free xylitol
Standalone Candy (non-lollipop):
Tongue and Finger Treasure: Dragon Fruit Adventure Candy. Shape: Exotic feminine finger candy

3. Terpene Lollipops: infused with the medicinal & flavor benefits of cannabis’ terpenes. Legal everywhere. Not psychoactive. Flavors: Blackberry Kush, Grape Wreck, and Grapefruit OG. Terpene partner: ACME Elixirs

4. Happy Genius Pops: Mental Clarity & Mood. Flavor = Pink Grapefruit and Mint. Support study, brainstorm, meeting, focus

5. Smoke-Stop Pops: Freedom from Nicotine. Flavor = Lavender & Vanilla. Support quitting smoking cigarettes, facing cravings

6. Rough Morning Pops: Nausea Relief for Morning Sickness, Chemotherapy, Seasickness, or Hangover. Gentle Ginger

7. All-Ages Valentines Candy Sampler: Pomegranate, Coconut and Raspberry. Shape: Jewel. Sweetener: GMO-free xylitol

8. Million Dollar Smile: Healthy Teeth & Gums: Flavor: Matcha & mint. Shape: Jewel. Sweetener: GMO-free xylitol

9. The Alchemist: Inflammation/antioxidant support. Flavor: Turmeric and coconut. Shape: Jewel. Sweetener: GMO-free xylitol

10. Six Pack Perks: Paleo/keto candy with healthy fat (Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil). Shape: Jewel. Sweetener: GMO-free xylitol